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4 Month programme



This is a highly focused session to find out as much as possible about you and your business. Where it is now; its current strengths and weaknesses, people, operations, finance? Where it has come from; what have been the significant transitions? What you see for the future; what are your desires, expectations and concerns?

By the end of this session you will have clear picture of where your business is, where it has come from, where you want it to go and what you need to do next to get it there.
(120 mins)

1 day

Vision Day

A chance to focus on your future with clarity and crystallise what is next in your business, career and/or life and generate breakthrough thinking around important issues. What is your relationship to everything in your business and what do you want to achieve – what is getting in the way? What do you hate doing? What do you love doing? The focus of the day creates meaning and purpose, and helps you to prioritise goal setting and decision-making.

By the end of the day you will have identified 3 areas of life that you wish to focus on, the questions that you want answering and a strength based action plan to achieving your vision. (1 day intensive plus 120mins coaching follow up 6 weeks later)


Mission & Strategic Planning

Building upon the decisions and ideas of your diagnostic and vision day, we will work on what is the structure that is required to underpin your business. This session focuses on developing the strategy to achieve your business mission. It examines the structure of your business; your team, your operations, communication etc.

What is the senior team to build, develop and nurture? Who needs to be empowered, trained or recruited in order to achieve this? What is your role within this? How will this be this implemented and reviewed? (1/2 Day)


Written Report

At this stage you will receive a summation of our work together outlining the insights and observations from all of the above, detailing strategic business objectives and agreed individual tasks.


Bi-monthly coaching to maintain clarity and motivation, what is working? What isn’t working? What are the blocks? Review progress and set new goals.

Each session culminates in a committed action plan with accountability and inter-session journaling. (120 mins)

Nancy is a brilliant listener, challenged me at the right time and helped me to make a tangible jump in self-awareness. I found her incredibly empowering, supportive and encouraging. In 6 weeks I have completed most of my action steps and they’ve made a real difference to my life.


I can highly recommend Nancy for her coaching skills and business advice. Over a 6 month period Nancy really helped me to focus on not just the big things that were going on in and around the business but; more importantly the smaller things that can fly under the radar and go unsaid. Her experience in growing a business was incredibly helpful in formulating our own business strategies.