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Nancy has really helped me
to focus and organise my life/diary/priorities. She is direct and clear-thinking and provides very practical strategies. I also like her flexibility which means she fits in around my often hectic schedule without making demands on it.


In a career spanning 25 years I have worked within large corporations and small businesses. As an owner manager I have built a number of highly successful and profitable businesses in the worlds of furniture and design in both London and Dubai; I understand the demands of fast changing industries and the complexities of a well run operation. I am particularly focused on managing and developing individuals and teams and creating long-term stability and business growth.

As a coach with an international CPCC qualification I combine my business experience with my coaching skills tending to work with Entrepreneurs, Senior Management and freelance professionals. Most importantly my clients have a desire to make changes to their lives and move forward with a coherent and relevant vision. Other key areas of focus are: achieving a good work-life balance, identifying key goals, increased self-awareness, enhanced creativity and career planning.

All of the work that we do together culminates with an action-oriented plan for regular review and revision.

+44(0) 7880 501 837